Nasiwak is an innovative tech solution provider that supports businesses in optimising their work processes. We specialise in robotic process automation (RPA) and bespoke software development, streamlining  your operations for peak efficiency.



                Our Services

In alignment with our commitment to continuous improvement, our approach integrates smart automation solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. This methodology not only streamlines tasks through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and custom software development but also embodies our ethos of being better than yesterday, every day. It’s about enhancing efficiency today while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s growth, ensuring that each step forward is a step towards greater achievement and success.
Incorporating our facilitator's approach, we infuse your small or medium-scale business with innovation tailored to you. With a rich history of over 30 projects with Japanese clients, we specialize in crafting customer-centric solutions that tackle your unique challenges. Our strategy emphasizes a facilitator's mindset in problem-solving, promoting continuous advancement and driving your success forward. This journey is about evolving daily, striving to be better than yesterday, and ensuring sustainable growth.
We create an online presence through a mix of art and technology in the designing and development of your website. Our process is highly focused on understanding your individualized needs, enabling us to develop websites that not only look great but also function smoothly. We build on that experience to make platforms which will engage your audience and drive conversions in line with our philosophy of continuous improvement. Every project is a step closer to perfection (if there is such a thing), ensuring your digital footprint evolves to meet and exceed tomorrow's standards.
We help unleash your data's potential through analytics. Our approach helps you derive insights deeper than the conventional questions your data holds. We believe these insights should inform decisions and strategies—all this, commensurate to our commitment to everyday pursuit of improvement and excellence. This enlightens not only the way for optimization but ensures your business keeps on its toes, not allowing for any kind of rigidity and is on a continuous, evolving spree to be able to meet the demands of tomorrow.
Because our dedicated approach focuses on proactive management and timely updating, together, we can ensure smooth and efficient operation of your systems. This will ensure that your infrastructure is safe from all possible threats and downtime. Together with your diligent data and server custodianship, you not only secure your digital assets but also a secure a path for the continued growth and success within the fluid landscape.

     Our approach

We start by connecting with you to deeply understand your business needs. Through close consultation, we learn about your specific requirements for software development, delving into how your business operates, identifying pain points, and pinpointing areas ripe for customisation. This initial phase of gathering detailed insights enables us to tailor our approach effectively as we advance to the next stage of optimising your operations.
Before diving into our solutions to your business's unique needs, we share insights into our past automation projects. This glimpse into our portfolio helps set expectations, showcasing our expertise and the transformative potential of software development for your operations. By understanding the tangible benefits we can deliver, you'll gain a clear picture of how technology can elevate your business.
In this step, we start mapping out the process flow to optimize your business operations. This step involves selecting the appropriate tools, software, and technologies tailored to your needs. You'll receive a visual guide detailing the journey and the outcomes you can expect, ensuring you understand every step of the transformation we're about to undertake together.
After outlining the suggested process flow, we begin to craft a solution using the selected tools and technologies after your approval. Custom scripts and workflows are developed to fit your specific needs. Throughout this phase, we ensure you're kept in the loop with updates and provide access to a testing environment. This step is crucial for validating our solution aligns perfectly with your requirements, guaranteeing a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
Once the tech solution is ready, we implement it into your production environment. Your team receives comprehensive training on managing the new system, with our continuous support until you're fully confident. Plus, you'll have ongoing technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly, ensuring a seamless transition and long-term success with your new software tools

     Our Clients



Our Mission : We imagine a world in which people only do the tasks that feed their creativity, curiosity and especially where they can find a sense of meaning. While leaving all the repetitive mundane but necessary manual tasks to be reduced or automated using technology. 

How did it all begin?

Nasiwak was officially incorporated in August 2022, when Chiranth returned to India after having lived in Japan for over 3 years.  Having built a robust business network, in the technology and bilingual services domain, Chiranth found an opportunity in serving the Japanese business landscape using the abundant IT talent in India. This gave birth to Nasiwak. Since 2022, Nasiwak has grown from one person to a six person team that is expected to double at the end of 2024. 


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Kushal K M

IT Associate

Current Responsibilities - Building Software, Bot and Websites
Professional Skills - Python , Django , MySql Database , Data Analytics ,Power BI ,Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Web Technology
Educational Background - Bachelor of Computer Application
Book Recommendation - The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
Superpower - Code Magician :- Transforms complex problems into elegant solutions with a flick of my keyboard.
Favorite Quote - The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. -Franklin D. Roosevelt


Vinay Karthik


Current Responsibilities - Business strategy, Operations Management, Corporate Governance, Human Resources
Professional Background - Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Business development, Human Resources
Educational Background - Mechanical Engineering
Book Recommendation - The Old man and the Sea, Naruto, To kill a mockingbird
Superpower - Extremely good at bad jokes
Favorite Quote - A dream is a goal with a deadline

Chiranth Satish

Managing Director

Current Responsibilities - Business strategy, Leadership, Stakeholder relations, Compliance and Risk Management.
Professional Background - Mechanical Engineering, Business Analysis, Bi-lingual translation and interpretation, Design Engineering.
Educational Background - Mechanical Engineer and Japanese N1
Book Recommendation - Shadow Slave, The Second coming of Gluttony, Reverend Insanity.
Superpower - Leadership and business foresight
Favorite Quote - “You are merely a momentary life, a temporary existence of coalesced energy, energy that once was a single, ultimate form.” — Madara Uchiha


Vignesh Gowda

Head of Growth & Business Development

Current Responsibilities - Leading Marketing,Sales & Growth strategies.
Professional Background - Event Management, Training, Not-for Profits, Startups, Customer Service, Program Management, Intercultural Learning
Educational Background - BBA, MSc
Book Recommendation - Man’s Search for Meaning, the leader who had no title, Start with Why
Superpower - Always armed with super cool unknown facts.
Favorite Quote - “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them”



IT Associate

Current Responsibilities - Building Automation bots, Algorithms and Websites.
Professional Skills - Python, Automation, Web Technologies, SQL, Data Analysis, Django and Machine Learning.
Educational Background - Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Book Recommendation - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Superpower - I can control an element.
Favorite Quote - "Your right is to perform your work, but never to the results."




Business Analyst

Current Responsibilities - Data Analysis, Process Improvement, Communication, Project Management
Professional Background - Business Analysis, Client Servicing, Translation and Interpretation
Educational Background - BA, JLPT N3 certified
Book Recommendation - Solo Leveling (Korean)
Superpower - Mr. Adaptable
Favorite Quote - "The magic you are looking for, is in the work you are avoiding"


Haga Kazunori Director - NSK Corporation

Our partnership with Nasiwak has transformed our operations. Their innovative folder sorting and file creation solution has saved us a load of time and money across two factories. Truly a game-changer in manufacturing efficiency.